Sophie Sidaway - Pershore Juneberries
Sophie Sidaway

Sophie Sidaway

I’m growing Juneberries – Join the adventure!

Hi! My name’s Sophie and in 2012 I thought it would be a great idea to grow a fruit crop here in the UK – one that has never been grown before. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, in those early days, nothing much, I thought. Ha-ha! I will choose a beautiful, tasty, hardy and healthy fruit, and I’ll grow it using minimal inputs and sustainable practices when possible.

And those were the foundations that Pershore Juneberries was established on. I’m glad to say that those early hopes and values still hold true today, and I am more certain than ever that Juneberries (Saskatoons) are ready to play an important part in British food production and could make a major contribution to further nutritional research. Pershore Juneberries was established in 2015 and today I am producing a Juneberry gin from the berries I grow. The gin has has proved to be a real hit with customers, but although I love talking to new Juneberry gin fans, horticulture remains my first love.
If you’d like to try our wonderfully unique gin, head over to our website where you can also become more involved in our story by joining our mailing list for month-by-month updates :

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